My Father, Howard L. Miller
My Father, Howard L. Miller

My Father was an avid amateur photographer and I remember as a child watching him  shooting pictures of family and his surroundings. I was fascinated by the tangled mess of cameras, bags, lenses, light meters, film and more, in the trunk of his car, ready for any photo op. I never tired of looking through the endless photo albums and looked forward to our family slide shows. My sister, brother and I were often his impatient "subjects", squinting in the sun----- "kids, take off those sunglasses and smile!" ---he would often say. Dad didn't teach us his camera skills. In fact, he wouldn't even let us touch his camera equipment. Nonetheless, my fascination and curiosity with photography had begun at an early age.


Years later, after my Father's death, I bought my first camera that had more capabilities than point and shoot to take pictures for my graphic design business and, more importantly, pictures of my beautiful family and my pets. I was a little nervous using the camera at first, since I had never lost the "don't touch" mentality. But once I became more comfortable with it, I started looking for new subjects to shoot and I became eager to learn more about taking control of the camera to get the best picture. (Not always an easy task and not always achieved!)


One of the main reasons I love photography is the peace and joy it has brought me. When I'm taking pictures, I am relaxed and totally forget any worries I might have. Shooting photos helps me focus on the present moment in order to capture the beauty and reality of the world around me.


I thank my Father for inspiring me with his passion and talent and I think of him often when I'm taking pictures.


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